Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well, we made our first trip to the ER here in Peru (it was only a matte of time). On Monday night Zeke was sleeping on the top bunk when he fell out of bed and onto his face. I (Raechel) was home by myself. We do not have cell phones here, so I could not get in touch with Geoff. After 20 minutes of crying turned into hysterical screaming (Zeke, not me), I decided to brave it and go to the ER (with my very limited Spanish). I called some missionary friends (Heather and John), and they were at our house with a taxi within minutes. Fortunately, Heather hopped in the taxi with me while John stayed at the house with the kids. Not completely sure what to expect from a hospital in Lima, I was a little worried. After arriving at the clinic and seeing the facilities, I was at ease with the medical care here in Lima. Things went very smooth and Zeke is doing great. The doctor had some x-rays taken to be sure, and all turned out well. These pictures were taken the next morning. By the end of the day his eye was dark purple, but the swelling was down dramatically. Praise God for protecting Zeke and for a quick healing.

Friday, March 26, 2010

During our language class last week, our teacher told us about this park in Lima. It holds the worlds tallest water fountain. We decided to venture out and explore the park for ourselves. Because we were told there were lights that accompany the fountains, we arrived just before sunset. It was really an incredible site. The kids loved watching all of the fountains and lights as Eli guided us around the park using the map. The kids have requested that our next visit be during the day so that they can get wet. There were several fountains that allowed for playing in the water. I am sure that will make for more great pictures.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last Sunday was Lily's 8th birthday. We begrudgingly held a birthday party for her, putting as little effort as possible into the event. But these pictures are not from the lame party that we threw. No, these pictures are from the surprise birthday party that Lily's faithful friends had for her. We were outdone by a group of nine year olds.
These girls planned and prepared a wonderful feast in the park. Everything a young heart desires could be found at this banquet fit for a queen. There was candy, cake, and marshmellows; and to wash it all down, Fanta soda!
Lily was completely surprised. She has been abundantly blessed here with many friends in the neighborhood. There are about 5 different girls who constantly frequent our house begging for Lily to play. This has only confirmed our place here in Lima.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zeke and Chi began an all Spanish speaking preschool last week and things went fairly smoothly. They are there everyday from 9-1pm. It seems like a long day for them, but they always look forward to riding the bus(small van) home. Zeke keeps saying that he has no idea what they are saying to him, but he did figure out when they were telling him to go to the bathroom. I am trying to assure him that he will understand one day, and that I have no idea what they are saying either. They are there with another missionary family that lives very close to us. The kids are in the same grade and know Spanish and English, which helps Zeke and Chi feel more comfortable. People keep telling me that this is the best way for them to learn the language, but I find it difficult to see how this will happen. I will keep you updated on their language progress, and ours as well.

We started language school on Monday, which is hard but good. I also find it difficult to see how I will ever be fluent in Spanish. But, I keep telling myself that I know more today than I did yesterday.

We finally have internet! (YEA!) It has only been two and a half weeks, but it felt like months of being removed from the world. So much has happened since we arrived in February.

The trip went well and the kids did great on the flights. We managed to get to our new place with all twelve bags. Everybody except Malachi had to push a cart of luggage in the Lima airport. We got lots of looks:). We were all excited to arrive to our new home in Lima. When we arrived late at night and we practically fell into bed (air mattresses that did not keep air and blankets on the floor).

The next days were filled with us trying to accomplish setting up house (extremely difficult in a new culture with 4 young kids who hate to shop). In the two weeks following our arrival we got some essential items for the house. These included kitchen items, a washing machine, couches, a table (no chairs yet), and mattresses. The rest will have to wait.

We are excited to be here and to see how God is going to work. He has been so faithful in providing for us and bringing us here safely. Thanks to all who are praying for and supporting us. We will keep everyone posted on our lives here in Lima. I am planning on posting later on the kids first days of school.