Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WE HAVE PLANE TICKETS! Yeah! We are soooooo excited. We will be leaving on February 18th at 6:00am to head to Lima, Peru. Anybody want to get up at around 3:00am to take us to the airport? This should be fun with the four kids.

We look forward to keeping everyone updated on our life in Lima. It sould be an adventure (a blessed adventure).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This is an email that I recently sent to family and friends who support our mission work in Lima, Peru.

Hello friends,

We are so grateful for the support and encouragement that has been poured out on our behalf. Over the last month, our Father has opened doors and moved hearts to provide for our needs. We have spoken at several churches and have had numerous meetings with individuals who have received our story with joy and thanksgiving. God has used many of you, strengthening us through your kind words and generous gifts.

We are about half way to our goal with $9,118 raised. (Ideally, we would have between $25,000 and $30,000 before leaving for Lima, but $20,000 is all that is required.) We are confident that our Father will provide what is lacking. We would like to leave the second week of February, and we are currently preparing to depart at that time.

We are grateful for your generous support. For those of you who gave a one time gift, thank you! Your one time gifts have made it possible for us to consider leaving in February. Please remember us in your prayers and remain open to giving as God moves you in the future. And for you who have committed to monthly support, thank you! We are completely dependent on our Father's faithfulness manifested through your monthly support. If you have not given yet, but would like to, please do so now. If you need a new response card please let me know, or you can also give online by going to and clicking on "give" under "support WMF" at the top (please remember to designate your gift to the Ingrums).

Please continue to pray for us. We have many loose ends to tie up before leaving in February. Pray for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health during the stressful weeks ahead. Pray for the kids who we are going to minister to, for soft hearts and willing minds. Pray for adequate finances and quick language acquisition.

I can only say thank you so many times, and it will always be far fewer times than it needs to be said. Many of you have sacrificed greatly to help us respond to God's call. How can Raechel and I ever adequately express our gratitude? It will always be insufficient, but thank you!

I hope 2010 finds you growing in Christ and participating in the mission of God as redemptive agents announcing His reign through word and deed.

In Christ,
For those of you who are new to our story or who have just stumbled across our blog, please allow me to attempt to recapitulate the last seven years of our lives in five (an arbitrarily selected number) concise (I use this term generously) bullet points:

  1. In 2003, my wife (Raechel) and I (Geoff) were redeemed from an extremely destructive lifestyle through faith in Jesus Christ by the grace of God.

  2. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we radically changed our lifestyles and committed ourselves to the will of our loving Father.

  3. We have been on a fantastic adventure ever since; including, but not limited to, raising four beautiful children, surviving seminary, and, now, moving to Lima, Peru to serve with Word Made Flesh (check out

  4. I am not sure what to add to the above list.

  5. Feel free to ask questions...

Now that we know each other, I can dispense with the formalities. [Warning: I often write things (e.g., "dispense with the formalities") because they sound cool in my head, not because they are necessary or communicate my point effectively.] We look forward to getting to know. So, as you follow our story please share your comments, random thoughts, or just post something that sounds really cool in your head...