Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We have started building our house in Santa Rosa and here are a few pictures of the beginning process.

The kids and Geoff working to move a pile of sand. The kids do this all of the time, so it was not much different than play, except for the long, heavy sticks with the big medal scoop at the end. There were only a few minor injuries. In the background is the flat spot where the house will sit.

Geoff is helping to prepare the concrete for the floor. Although many houses in Santa Rosa have a sand floor, we opted for concrete. Eli did say a that with a dirt floor you don't have to worry about making a mess. This is one way to look at it, but we decided a concrete floor would be money well spent.

The floor is going in. The boys are taking a break in the shade and watching the process.

The floor is halfway done here. We bought a prefabricated wood house that will have one large room for the kitchen, dining, and living area, one bathroom, and one bedroom. This is actually large compared to most houses in the area. The house will share a wall with our Peruvian friends. This is the brick wall you see next to the floor.

Here is a picture of our family on the finished floor. The house will be put up tomorrow and the roof on Thursday. We will post pictures of this as well.