Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here are some pictures of our Family Bible Study Christmas party. Children and their parents enjoyed decorating cookies, lots of fun and crazy games, food, gifts, and an incredible presentation of the Christmas story, put on for the parents by the kids. A friend who has been on staff for several years commented on how amazing it was to see kids, who were living on the streets just a couple of years ago, acting out the story of the coming of our Lord. We are so blessed to see, even if just in part, God's redeeming grace at work in the lives of our friends.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outside the City
Day three
Day three began with Chi puking in bed which set the tone for our day of staying around the house and relaxing. After the puking incident, Chi perked up and was fine the rest of the day. The following pictures show the events that happen on a daily basis for the neighborhood kids, which include going to the market, playing in the creek, and witnessing the preparations of cow intestines for the local market. We also visited a local pool with brown water later in the day and stopped by a street vendor for grilled cow intestines. Eli continued eating because he thought it was ham. He was not thrilled when he later found out the truth.

Above: Beautiful vegetables and fruit available daily
Below: Cow intestines also available daily

Above: Playing in the creek with the neighborhood kids
Below: This boy sucked on a fish head for about 30 minutes. Our kids wanted to follow suit, but Geoff advised otherwise

Above: A cart that carries people to the other side of the river
Below: Lily got to ride to the other side and help feed the pigs and chickens

Above: Cow intestines hanging to dry
Below: The small shack used to prepare the cow parts