Monday, May 31, 2010

On Saturday we took a day trip outside of Lima. It was an hour and a half bus ride, taking us to what seemed like the edge of nowhere. We then hopped into mottos (a motor cycle with a bench in the back for passengers) that carried us up to the top of a huge sand hill. I have never seen so much sand in my entire life. Lima is located in the desert, but with every square inch of it covered in concrete it is easy to forget what it would look like with out all the buildings and roads. Saturday reminded us that we live in a concrete covered sandbox. When we traveled out of the city we were able to see clearly the signs of the dessert in which we live. The kids had a blast playing in the sand, and I am still finding traces of their fun. We enjoyed lunch with some Peruvian friends who own a restaurant in the neighborhood we visited. They are in the process of planting a church here.

We found some kids on the local playground and Lily was thrilled.
Geoff is standing where a new church will be built this week by some missionary friends.
Doing dishes to prepare for running water here.
Here is the motto we took to reach our friend's house/restaurant.
In front of our friend's restaurant/house

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mothers day is the one of the biggest holidays here next to Christmas. So, Zeke and Chi's school put on a show for all of the mom's. Chi was a jail bird and Zeke was a character from Grease the movie. I debated whether or not to go to the show, but after the experience, I am thrilled I went. It was one of the best mother's day presents. Although Chi would not go on stage without me, and certainly would not dance, Zeke made up for it in his performance. My first mother's day here in Lima was certainly one I will never forget.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Because there are really no yards here for the kids to play, I decided we should get some sand for our front patio. I had grandiose ideas of the kids playing with the sand in the buckets having a great time. We went to the hardware store to pick up what seemed like a simple item. 30 minutes later, after trying to use hand actions and limited Spanish to explain what we wanted, we followed two different sales men around the entire store twice to reach our final destination. The kids have loved playing with the sand and have managed to fill the entire patio after emptying out the contents of the pots. It has also offered plenty of opportunities to train the kids to clean up after themselves, and patience for us in helping them do this.

Although something as simple as getting sand seems difficult here, and probably always will be, we are feeling a bit more comfortable getting around and being able to get the things we need on our own. We are speaking more Spanish, although not fluent, and can understand most (at least the overall theme) of what is being said. And, we have realized pretty quickly that we can get ourselves in trouble by replying with "si (yes)" before we are sure of what is being communicated.

I feel the presence of God daily as I make it through one more day in Lima. He is molding and shaping us all in our own ways as we all acculturate differently. I am trying to be open to the "refiners fire" as this process has been challenging me with the things I struggle with most (imagine that). Please pray for our family to be strengthened in Christ through this process. Also, pray for our health as we get used to the germs and climate of Lima. We thank everyone for their prayers and support. I know we have been lifted up daily and we are blessed to have such warriors going before the throne of God on our behalf. Much love and thanks to all.