Thursday, January 27, 2011


One of the things that has been hard for our kids here is the lack of green space. They have spent the better part of their lives on a farm where they had lots of freedom to run, explore, play in the dirt, and climb trees. Now we live in a city, and although there are lots of small parks, the kids do not have the freedom they are used to. With this said, our kids have tried to make their selves at home in the tiny park in front of our house. They have played in the dirt, climbed trees, and searched for snails. Because of these activities, we have gotten lots of looks and comments from people in the neighborhood. The following pictures exemplify this "odd" behavior.

Lily climbing up a tree with a little boy in the neighborhood watching in awe
Chi and the little boy watching Lily in the tree

Lily jumping from the tree

This is just one example of many where our kids are introducing new ways to use the green space provided by our little park. The neighborhood kids are catching on, much to the dismay of their parents and the seniors who keep a vigilant eye on "their park." Next we are thinking about introducing dog tipping (they don't have any cows)...