Friday, October 26, 2012

Here's Eli

This week I want to highlight our oldest son (9 years old) and share with our readers about his experience in Peru. 

We moved here when Eli was 6 years old, and it has been such a joy to see him grow into a young man and to journey with him through this Peruvian experience.  He has optimistically encountered all of the challenges of living in another country.  In general, Eli is laid back and goes easily with the flow, something we needed as we faced the same challenges.

Below is a picture of Eli's 7th (1st in Peru) birthday, only a few months after we arrived.  (An aside - Zeke had fallen off his bunk bed a few days before, and this is why the side of his face looks slightly green.)

One of Eli's favorite things is adventuring, so living in the city has been difficult for him.  He enjoys nature, science, and just getting dirty.  His favorite times in Peru have been when we have gotten out of the city and explored this beautiful country.  In fact, I noticed when I was searching for pictures that most of my pictures of Eli are of him doing just that.  Below are a series of pictures of Eli "getting down and dirty" as he explores Peru.

Above he is learning to shoot a slingshot during our visit to the Amazones.

During the same trip, he discovered this machete and pretty much held onto it throughout the entire trip, as you will see below.

Eli and mom after a long hike through the high jungle.  It poured down rain on us during the latter half of the hike.

Climbing the rocks in Santa Rosa

Finding bugs in the jungle

Finding and "saving" frogs 

Climbing the rocks during an all-boy trip to the jungle

More exploring during the all boy adventure

Again with the machete...I am not sure Zeke felt very comfortable with this.

The machete rarely left his side, and I am scared just looking at this picture.  This must have been while Geoff was in charge.

Always exploring when given the chance

Another thing Eli loves is learning.  He amazes me with his ability to absorb knowledge (I am a little jealous) and I am constantly learning from him.  Often times during homeschool, he teaches me, especially in the subjects of science and history.  Below are a couple of pictures of him enjoying learning.

During our first year here, we gave Eli a snake for Christmas.  Peruvians always thought this to be the oddest pet and were usually a bit confused why someone would want to own a snake.

Below are a few pictures of Eli in Santa Rosa.  Although he can enjoy himself while participating in the ministry programs, he always gravitates to getting "down and dirty" in the sand.

A short interview with Eli

Mommy:  What has been hardest about living in Peru?

Eli:  I miss my cousins and I miss living so close to nature.

Mommy:  What has been your favorite thing about Peru?

Eli:  Going on adventures.  I loved the adventure to the Amazones because we had long hikes where we could explore, but I also liked the one with just the boys because it was fun to have boy time.

Mommy:  What have you learned during your time here?

Eli:  I have learned to enjoy sitting with mom and dad in church because I am enjoying preaching and because I learn more than I do in Sunday school.  I have also learned that one family, like Robbi and Elita, can make a big difference.

Mommy:  How have you changed during your time in Peru?

Eli:  I have seen that mission work is not only going out to remote places but that it can be done in the deepest of cities to the most barren deserts.

Mommy:  Anything else you want to say about your time in Peru?

Eli:  Sometimes it is boring and sometimes it is fun.

Side note from Mom:  If you want a lesson between boys and girls, you can go back and read Lily's interview a couple of months ago.  She is a bit more verbose than her brother :).

Below is a recent picture of Geoff and Eli with the abandoned kitten they rescued from the park.

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